Become a One Richmond Member

Residents of the Richmond District can become One Richmond members and have access to One Richmond Specials at One Richmond businesses by committing to the initiative’s four guiding principles.


The One Richmond Pledge

1.     I will be inclusive of all my neighbors in the Richmond by respecting and appreciating their diverse cultures, religions, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences, identities, age groups, immigration status, economic status, and abilities.

2.     I will take responsibility to help my neighbors when I can and to foster a strong community in the Richmond District.

3.     I will take pride in the safety and cleanliness of the Richmond by doing what I can to keep our community safe and clean.

4.     I will commit to supporting our local merchants by shopping at small businesses and dining at restaurants in the Richmond.


Take the One Richmond Pledge

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In the space provided below, acknowledge that you commit to the One Richmond principles by typing in: I agree to uphold the One Richmond pledge.